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WWE SVR 2011 FREE DLC  Empty
PostSubject: WWE SVR 2011 FREE DLC    WWE SVR 2011 FREE DLC  EmptyThu Mar 24, 2011 9:50 am

Download links :
(DLC Pack 1 & 2 And The Profile You Need) megaupload.com/?d=G7Q0T0KN
(DLC Pack 3) megaupload.com/?d=2S32WDAG
This Pack Includes
1) Online & Fan Axxess
2) Unlock Everything DLC
3) Rey Mysterio Day Of The Dead DLC
4) Kelly Kelly Sexy Red Devil DLC
5) Chris Masters
6) Undertaker Ministry Of Darkness DLC
7) Shawn Michaels WM 7 DLC
WWE NXT Arena & Theme Song
9) The Nexus (Wade, David & Justin)
10) Lex Luger
11) British Bulldog
12) Undertaker American Badass Attire (DLC Pack 3)
13) John Cena Purple Attire (DLC Pack 3)
14) Sheamus New Attire (DLC Pack 3)
15) CM Punk SES Mask Attire (DLC Pack 3)
16) WCW Arena (DLC Pack 3)

Instructions:.1. Insert your USB Drive
2. Open USB XTAF v44, when this is open click File > Open First USB Drive, you will now see Cache Partition and Data Partition, click the small + before Data Partition. You will see a folder called content open this to see a few folders. There may be multiple folders that are labeled E000 at the start they are profiles. (You will need to obtain your device ID so that the downloaded profile for your Game/DLC/GoD will work with your console) Open one of these folders then goto FFFE07D1 > 00010000. With 00010000 Open you will see a file, right click and extract to your desktop.
3. Open up Modio As administrator on Vista and 7 (This may take a few moments) Once Modio is open click open a save and locate the profile you just extracted to your desktop, open this profile. This will show you an array of options but what is needed is the Device ID Copy the large number or copy it to a notepad, this is needed. You can now close the opened profile.
4. Whilst still in Modio goto Open a Save once again but this time locate the profile you downloaded that came with the Game/DLC/GoD now open this profile and replace teh Device ID With the one you copied earlier, now click Rehash & Resign and close modio.
5. Go back to USB XTAF and open the Content folder once again, Now drag the downloaded profiles Folder (the one starting with E000) over and into the blank space below your profiles currently in your USB Drive.
6. After that is injected into your usb, whilst your still in your Content folder. This is time to inject the XBLA Game/DLC/GoD. Open up the downloadable content folder, if it is not there then right click in the blank space in The content folder and create a new one with the name 0000000000000000 Make sure it's that many zero's.
you will need to create a folder for the game you want the dlc for. Find the game's ID In this list - 360.kingla.com/
Once you have obtained the ID, for example Call of Duty: Black ops ID is - 41560855 if you were injecting DLC for Black ops you would right click and create a new folder in the Downloadable content folder called 41560855, then you would go into that folder and create another folder called 00000002. This is the DLC Folder. Now drag and drop the DLC File into this folder (USB XTAF May freeze on the larger files this is OK it will unfreeze itself after the transfer is done !)


1. Connect both controllers
2. On controller 1 sign into the controller you want to play the DLC on.
3. On controller 2 sign into the conroller that came with the DLC.
4. With the first controller load up the game you wanted the DLC on and see if the DLC appears whilst on the game, if it does then you can sign controller 2 out, if it doesn't you have done something wrong or the DLC/Profile is corrupted.

Huge respect to Jdfarle,Kbryant24,XxFroodyxX from xbox360iso.com
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