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 how to hot swap waw modded zombies

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how to hot swap waw modded zombies Empty
PostSubject: how to hot swap waw modded zombies   how to hot swap waw modded zombies EmptyWed Oct 06, 2010 1:22 pm

first take off the the casing then get and screw driver and take off the metal caseing covering the disc reader and stuff under it then once done that u can take the top of the disc reader off then once u have done that u can take the lil plastic clip out with the lil metal clip that keeps the disc down then one that is taken out u put the waw disc in but as u do it u put the plastic clip down on top the disc with the metal ring the once u done that let game load up then go back on to dash board with the game in still then as ur console is open u quickly swap ur waw disc over to the modded disc with out opening tray then u install that to hard drive when that is done u can the take that game out and put ur normaly waw disc in and then go on zombies and then should be simple from then thx for reading if need help message me xxxx
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how to hot swap waw modded zombies
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